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After performing an analysis of the spatial distribution of accidents, road conditions and the reasons for their occurrence in places with increased concentration of accidents, the following dangerous areas - blackspot locations in the municipality of Byala were identified.

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BS_17_2020 Zone 17. Crossroads of road I-5 with road II-54- Byala station. This danger zone is characterized by the fact that, despite the speed limit and the presence of a well-regulated and wide intersection, a large number of accidents with…

BS_293_2020 Zone 293. Roundabout on the road I-5. This intersection is one of the busiest danger zones in the country for many years. Historically, this intersection, together with the entire thirteen-kilometer section of road I-5 from Byala Station…

BS_45_2020 Zone 45. Section of road I-5 near OMV Byala. Very typical dangerous area, in which at first glance everything should be fine – there are markings, guardrails, good street lighting, lack of intersections, BUT nevertheless the area…

BS_198_2020 Zone 198. Section of road II-51 near the town market in Byala. To date, this danger zone has improved safety and accidents have decreased, but it is still the most conflicting point in the city, where such an accumulation, although not…

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