This portal is a module of an integrated information system for street safety measures, under the project “B-TEN – Improved nodes Giurgiu-Byala for better connection to TEN-T infrastructure”, funded by the program “INTERREG VA ROMANIA – BULGARIA” and national co-financing ”. Here you can see the road accidents that have occurred on the territory of Byala Municipality in the last five years in an interactive form – as a digital dynamic map, which in a readable and easy to understand by users can identify the areas where these accidents are. ” accumulated “for certain reasons. These locations are called “blackspots” – black spots where accidents are more frequent than the average statistical levels for the road infrastructure of Byala municipality.
In road safety management, a blackspot is a place where road accidents are more frequent. Most often this happens for various reasons, such as abrupt change of the longitudinal or transverse slope of the road, inclusion of a road so that the traffic on the main road is hidden, bad or hidden warning signs at intersections or inadequate marking to regulate the road. the possibilities for overtaking.
For some time, measures to reduce these accidents by placing additional markings, speed limits, improving lines of sight, straightening bends or installing speed cameras has been a key element of road safety policy, but current expert assessments are, that the benefits of these interventions are often exaggerated. In some cases, it is even claimed that the end result is an increase in the total number of victims.
Most of these measures often have a limited effect or are too late – incidents continue to occur there, which most likely means that the countermeasures implemented have not been entirely successful.

The main goal of this project is to map the registered road accidents, to analyze the existing ones and to predict the occurrence (due to the changed road conditions) of blackspot locations in the road sections (or near them), provided for rehabilitation in Byala municipality. The mapping and analysis of these conditions will assist in the planning and implementation of measures to reduce accidents in these locations and will help to increase the safety of people and goods in these areas.

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