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The interactive map is a vector digital model on the territory of Byala municipality, on which the road accidents that occurred on the territory of the municipality in the period 2014 – 2019 are geocoded, published and thematically distributed. Through the interactive map, this information becomes easy for users to perceive and gives an idea of ​​the problem areas of the road sections and thus increases the attention of drivers and pedestrians. It also supports the better design of measures to increase road safety in the municipality and in the scope of work on rehabilitation of road sections.

Car accidents – accidents with a car or two or more cars


Truck accidents – accidents with a truck or between a truck and another vehicle


Pedestrian accidents – accidents between a vehicle and pedestrians


Motorcycle accidents – accidents with a motorcycle or between a motorcycle and another vehicle


Bicycle accidents – accidents between a bicycle and other vehicles


Other accidents – road accidents with bus, cart, tractor, etc. road users


Blackspots locations – dangerous areas where traffic accidents are more frequent

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