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For the purposes of this project, information was published and analyzed, which was collected, processed and stored only by the regional police departments of the Ministry of Interior. These are statistical data for the territorial and time distribution of road accidents (catastrophes) on a certain territory, in this case – of Byala municipality, Rousse district. This information (except for the personal data of the participants and the data for registration of road vehicles (PPV)) is available to the citizens under the Access to Public Information Act (PIAA), but it is not published on the Internet and it is necessary to , who wants to use it to state this to the Regional Police Department of the Ministry of Interior or to the Regional Directorates. This was done by the project team and after the initial data was provided, they were subjected to several treatments.

The section includes all road accidents that occurred in the municipality of Borovo for the period 2014 – 2019. Based on the number of road accidents and the reasons for their occurrence, the relevant analyzes are made, which determine the preparation and taking measures to reduce and even the prevention of road accidents in a given section of road.

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