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The main goal of this project is to analyze the data on dangerous areas of the road, where the accumulation of road accidents is a regularity for certain reasons, which are also subject to analysis. This is possible only if the spatial distribution of all these data is analyzed. Only then can the patterns that cause these accumulations be found and the real causes can be found. All this leads to the need to develop such an environment for visualization and work that the data is spatially oriented and accessible in a map environment. That is why within this project an interactive map has been implemented, system GIS software has been used to access the data in the same way (to supplement and edit them) and a mobile application for phones, which performs specialized functions for drivers on the road.

The portal for mapping the blackspot locations in the municipality of Byala is implemented under the project: “B-TEN – Improved nodes Giurgiu-Byala for better connection to TEN-T infrastructure”, funded by the program INTERREG V-A ROMANIA – BULGARIA and national co-financing.

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